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Policy Essays

  • The Impact of the New Development Policy on Malaysia’s Employment Sector
  • Multimedia Super Corridor: A Catalyst for the New Working Environment to Foster the Growth of IT Industry in Malaysia
  • Compilation of Short Essays

    Japan Issues:

  • Reformation on Japan’s Government Administrative System
  • Development of Small and Medium Enterprises in Japan
  • Japanese Education Reform in the 80’s – A Political Commitment
  • Scenario of Female Workers in Japanese Labor Force
  • Malaysian Issues:

  • Malaysian Counter Cyclical Measures: A Smart Way to Handle the Recent Economic Crisis (in 1997 and 1998)
  • Impact of the National Policies Upon Malaysia’s Employment Sector
  • The Future Path of Malaysian Telecommunication Industry
  • Multimedia Super Corridor and Electronic Government in Malaysia
  • Cyberjaya and Putrajaya: The New Trend of Urban Development in Malaysia
  • Implementation of Education Policy in Malaysia
  • Current Status of Malaysian Education System
  • Proposal for Reformation on Malaysian Education System
  • Concept of recycling (Malay version)
  • E-Submissions -Things To Ponder (Malay Version)
  • Organizational Development Clinic - Toward Transparency;and, Human Resource Management Model (Malay Version)
  • The Future and Challenges of District Office and Local Government in Malay Peninsular (Malay Version)
  • Public Policy Process in Malaysia - A True Experience

  • Master:CV

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